About me

Hello, all the beautiful people! My name is Katherine. I am 22. I live in Ukraine. When I needed to choose  a profession I couldn't find the path to go in future, I couldn't decide whom to become, but I always knew that I wanted to make something big,  make a change. I got my bachelor's degree in languages and my master degree in project management. After graduating, I was looking for some job to start with, to get any experience. I went to the preschool to work as a language teacher and there I explored Montessori method for myself. I decided to get a Montessori training and after visiting even the first lesson, the whole new world was opened for me. I understood that this is what I wanted to do my whole life and this is what I need. After finishing the training and working in the school for a year already, I realized that during this time I obtained and gained more than I got during the study in the institute for 6 years.

During my life, I had a lot of hobbies that lasted for several months and then I started another, but Montessori is the only one that doesn't pass because it is a true passion. I was drawing, making a paper craft, cooking, collecting coins, sewing toys.

I want to add several things from my childhood that connects me with Montessori:

- in the childhood I had a strong connection with nature, I was collecting different stones (and even now I like finding some feathers lol) and natural gifts. For some time, I even wanted to be a naturalist and archeologist. That child desire is now fulfilled in a Montessori classroom where we have a lot of natural materials and that's why I am a big fan of nature tables.
- since I was a child I always liked handmade, and this my hobby is now very useful in making Montessori materials. 

So this is my story and in this blog, I want to share with all of you my ideas, printables, activities and passion because I really believe in Montessori.

P.S. My native languages are Russian and Ukrainian and not English so I am sorry for any mistakes I am making. 


  1. Hi Katherine,
    I enjoyed reading about how you discovered your passion for Montessori. I also recently discovered this amazing educational philosophy and LOVE it! I feel your English is quite good! All the best as you explore and write about Montessori! I am from Virginia in the US.

    1. Hello Cheery! Nice to meet you! Thank you for kind words! I can say you for sure, Montessori is the way of living and it is very interesting! ;)

  2. Hello Katerina, I have written a book for children that you might find interesting. It's about a little girl and her forest friends--squirrels, a bear, a fox and a bee. Could I send you the pdf so you can just read it on your computer? It's 24 pages, mostly pictures. Then, if you like the book, maybe you could post a review on Amazon on July 30, the release date for the book. Please e-mail margaretwelwood (at) gmail (dot) com if you would be interested in reviewing my book.