Montessori Black Friday Deals

Who doesn't like Black Fridays? I think it is an awesome time to get cool things with big discounts. 

I know it is time-consuming to find all the deals. It can also make you sad if you miss something cool. That's why I have collected some interesting and amazing deals and organized them all together. This way you can easily find them. Also, the holidays are coming and this is a wonderful opportunity to prepare.

Dates: November 23-27
Product: Printable Montessori cards
DEAL: All the printable materials in my store will be on sale with 20% off!

Dates: November 22-27 
Product: A bundle of 24 resources to assist and inspire your elementary homeschool journey. Some of the great resources inside are:
- Awesome Animal Tracks Guide
- Bilingual Daily Calendar (English and Spanish)
- Intro to Musicals for Elementary Students
- Hymns for your Homeschool
- Nature Kids: Winter Edition
- Minimal Homeschool Guide
DEAL: The total value of the bundle is over $280 but you can get it for $25 only!

CLASSROOM SETUP BOOTCAMP from Trillium Montessori
Dates: November 23-27
Product: Classroom Setup Bootcamp is a 3-week course that will help you to create a prepared space in your classroom and set it up
DEAL: Use code BF18 to get 25% off the course. All other Trillium Montessori courses will be on sale too! Check them out HERE

Dates: November 22-27 
Product: A bundle of amazing homeschool resources. Some of them are 
- Working Memory Online Workshop (learn all about how memory works and how to strengthen it)
- Poetry Compendium (all you need to get started incorporating poetry into your homeschool)
- Christmas Around the World (teach children about Christmas celebration in 20 different countries)
- Growth Mindset Kit (help children develop a growth mindset and important qualities like resilience, grit, self-confidence, gratitude)
DEAL: The total value of the bundle is over $350 but you can get it for $25 only!

MY MONTESSORI HOMESCHOOL from Carrots are Orange
Dates: November 23-28
Product: Here you can find amazing self-study online courses that offer you everything you need to successfully bring Montessori into your early childhood homeschool. There is a fantastic choice of them. You can get a big full course or a small one and improve just one specific area of your homeschool.
DEAL: Use code THANKYOUMARIA to get 25% off all courses
My personal TOP 3 picks:
- Full My Montessori Homeschool Online Course
- My Montessori Homeschool - Peace
- Montessori 4-part bundle: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math

Dates: November 23-30
Product: This full year curriculum from for nature exploring is really fantastic! It has week by week ideas of activities for nature study, books, ideas for nature walks, poem and art for the week, ideas for nature journaling and more. There are also awesome guided journals to go with the curriculum. Don't forget to look at the phenology wheel guide, even some of my adult friends follow it.
DEAL: Get 20% discount with code BELIEVE20

Dates: November 22-24
Product: Montessori and Special Needs Educational printables
DEAL: Everything 50% OFF
My personal TOP 3 Picks:
- Holidays and PTSD: A Parent's Guide to Survival
Montessori-inspired Holidays Around the World Bundle
Montessori-inspired Art and Music Bundle

Dates: November 24
Product: Montessori wooden toys, activities, and teacher gifts!
DEAL: Everything 10-25% OFF
My personal TOP 3 Picks:

Dates: November 23-26
Product: Montessori jewelry and gifts
DEAL: Use code THANKYOUSHIP to receive FREE first class domestic shipping and a FREE pair of mini pink cube earrings with orders of $40 or more
My personal TOP 3 Picks:
Maria Montessori Coin Necklace
Montessori Bead Stairs Ornament
Pink Cube Earrings

Dates: November 20-26
Product: Montessori gifts
DEAL: Get 15% off your order when you purchase any 2 items
My personal TOP 3 Picks:
- Montessori Color Tablets Yoga Leggins
- Keep Calm and a Give 3-period Lesson Mug
- Tote Bag with the Map of San Lorenzo with the first Casa dei Bambini

Dates: November 23-26
Product: Beautiful printed and digital educational materials. They have gorgeous posters!
DEAL: Get 25% off all mailing things and 40% off all digital items
My personal TOP 3 Picks:
- Nature Journal for kids
- Constellations Poster
- Beneath the Old Oak Poster

DatesNovember 19-25
Product: Ready-made printed/laminated Montessori cards and digital printables
DEAL: 10% off everything and $4 flat rate shipping on any order
My personal TOP 3 Picks:
Animals of the Seven Continents Cards 
Nativity Montessori Cards
Around the Sun and Seasons Work

Dates: November 23-27
Product: Montessori courses, workshops, infographics.
DEAL: Use code 25ENTIRECM to get 25% off everything
My personal TOP 3 Picks:
Building an Equitable Holiday Approach Workshop
Montessori Philosophy 101 Workshop
Montessori Assistant Toolkit Course

Dates: November 22-25
Product: Fantastic hand carved rubber stamps and posters
DEAL:  25% off everything with a minimum order of $55
My personal TOP 3 Picks:
- Human anatomy stamps
- Forest Animals Tracks Stamps
- Butterfly Life Cycle Stamps

Dates: November 24-26
Product: Fantastic hand carved rubber stamps and amazing cards

DEAL:  20% off stamps and FREE shipping till Christmas
My personal TOP 3 Picks:
- Solar System Stamps 
- Tree Rings Stamps
- Moon Phases Stamps

Dates: November 20-26
Product: Here you can find amazing handmade educational toys and materials inspired by nature. They can work as separate resources or additions to your studies
DEAL: Use code ETSYCYBER2018 to get 20% off everything
My personal TOP 3 Picks:
- Wooden Alphabet letters
- Multicultural Feminist Peg Dolls
- Snowman peg dolls

Dates: November 26-27
Product: Here you can find amazing educational printables and materials
DEAL: Everything will be 20% off 
My personal TOP 3 Picks:
- Lunar Tracker with Moon Phases
- Giant Wall Calendar Board
- Visual Clock Tracker

Be sure to check back on the actual days because I will be adding several more deals that I can not yet announce!

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