Montessori guide for developing language at home

A lot of you ask me about how Montessori method can be implemented at home. Today I want to tell you about a wonderful resource that will help you in developing language skills of your toddler at home.

I can understand how you may feel when you see photos of beautiful spaces and videos of Montessori environments you also want to be able to set such spaces, give your child the best and understand fully how Montessori method works. When I first entered a Montessori classroom I wasn't trained Montessori teacher and to be honest I knew just a little about Montessori. I was fascinated! I observed several days and I had so many questions. Now there is a lot of information on the internet. There are a lot of wonderful sites where teachers and parents share their knowledge and experience. But there are not that much that give basic knowledge about Montessori lessons. I always value knowledge over information because information is cheap and knowledge is what is precious.  That's why I want to tell you about this wonderful book. It is such a helper for parents! I think everyone who uses Montessori at home needs it.

There is such a thing as Montessori teacher albums. Teachers write them during the training. There are separate albums for every area of learning, for example, practical life album, sensorial album, language album etc. The album consists of presentations of different materials, works and lessons. Every work and material in a Montessori classroom have a special way of presenting it. Teachers write albums to remember all presentations better and to have all of them in one place. So when you need to refresh your knowledge you just open the album and look how the work is presented. Parents at home often want to know how to work with some Montessori materials or what is the best way to present some activities to children. But there is no such thing as albums for parents. Though there is a difference between teaching in a classroom and at home it would be very helpful for parents to look at such album to understand the general pattern of working with materials, presenting them, to learn about the aims of various works etc. But you can not just go and buy the teacher's album because most often they are handwritten and they are rarely sold. 

Why have I started all this talk about albums? Because this book reminds me of them! But it is even more, even cooler, it has not only presentations of materials but the actual printable materials and super helpful articles that answer the question you often have while teaching at home! And even more! Yes, it is that cool! Now I want to tell you about it in all the details.

The authors of the ebook are four wonderful women that leave in different parts of the world. Isabel is from Germany, Yuliya is from the Netherlands, Amruta is from India, and Vanessa is from the USA. What they have in common is all of them are wonderful mothers and all of them love the Montessori method. They use it at home daily with their children. They live in different places and it works wonderfully for all of them. I think it is very interesting to hear about their experience at home and they definitely have a lot to tell you! They are all bloggers and can read about their daily lives using the Montessori approach.

The activities presented in the ebook are intended for children between the ages of 2-4 years old. However, a preschool aged child may still enjoy many of these activities.

The ebook consists of 12 chapters:
  1.  Precursors to reading and writing
  2.  The role of the caregiver
  3.  Reading and storytelling
  4.  Around the home and outdoors
  5.  Pre-reading activities
  6.  Pre-writing skills
  7.  Crossing the midline
  8.  Sound games
  9.  Mystery bag and treasure baskets
  10.  Rhyme and song
  11.  Montessori 3-period lesson
  12.  Teaching a second language
Every chapter includes descriptions of different lessons, a list of materials that you will need, detailed instruction of how to present these lessons, and their benefits. All these accompanied with beautiful pictures from the real life, ideas, and materials in use. I am just scrolling the ebook while I write it and I don't know how to even describe how wonderful is it. I like it so much!

The cool thing that it doesn't have unnecessary text just to fill the ebook. Every page is useful. You open it, you read it, you use it.

That's interesting! 

I want a copy of the book!

The ebook covers all the core elements that are important for toddler language development. It talks about all areas of language in toddler life. 

The ebook includes a huge bundle of language printables that include:
  • Fruits and vegetables matching cards
  • Animal life cycles matching cards
  • Go together matching cards
  • Around the house/kitchen/yard matching cards
  • Go together
  • Opposites
  • Clothing labels
  • I spy mats
  • ABC cards
  • CVC word cards
  • CVC silly book
  • Nursery rhyme cards
  • Prewriting skills printable activities
  • Fruits/vegetables/herbs 3-part cards
  • Life cycles 3-part cards corresponding to Safari LTD Life Cycle Toobs
  • Around the house/kitchen/yard 3-part cards

So the ebook includes language lessons and also printable cards that correspond these lessons. I need to say that the printable cards are absolutely gorgeous! They contain beautiful and realistic images.

The pack also includes printables in Spanish!

The ebook also has the wonderful additional materials that you can print as little helpers and reminders, such as:
  • a short Montessori method FAQ  that answers questions using Maria Montessori own quotes
  • a checklist of miniature objects for language works, mystery bag, and treasure basket. This is really helpful because little objects are very needed. They work wonderfully for language lessons and I often see questions like "What objects can I use for letter J" or other letters. So you can just print the checklist and collect your own big set. I think everyone needs such a set of miniature objects
  • possible order of introducing letters 
  • phonetic sounds for language objects
  • a list of Montessori language lessons
  • developmental check list for a toddler that gives a general idea of developmental milestones
  • a list of Montessori language materials for ages 2-5
  • a list of recommended books for a toddler 
  • a list of useful books for you to read
  • a list of favourite blogs and resources
I can totally recommend this book to anyone who uses the Montessori method at home.
It is a really wonderful find 

Regular Price: $24.50

Promo price: $11.50

Bonuses and promo price available until July 26, 2017

BONUS: There is even more! If you buy the book during the launch you will also receive several printable freebies that are worth over $25!  Freebies will include: Bird Science Bundle, Honey Bee Science Bundle, Story of Diwali, and a Hibernation Unit.
In a nutshell:
What is this ebook?
It is a guide for parents for developing child's language skills at home. 
This is the ebook + a big pack of printable materials

Who is this ebook for?
  • Parents that use the Montessori method at home 
  • Parents that don't use the Montessori method at home. The lessons and printables will still work wonderfully for you
  • Homeschoolers
  • Toddler teachers because it has a huge pack of cards that you will be able to use daily
What is the ideal age for this ebook?

The ebook is for 2-4 years old but preschoolers may also find many activities interesting

What is the price?
Regular price is $25.50 but during launch July 19-26 you can buy it for $11.50

What is the size of the ebook?
This ebook is over 200 pages and includes 50 pages of content (activities and theory) and 150 pages of amazing printables and resource guides (checklists).

How should I use the ebook?
You can just read it and use the lesson right away. I would recommend printing everything, the whole ebook, and the printables. Put the book in a separate binder. Store the printables as you prefer. This would be your language album at home. Everytime you change your language shelves, put new materials on them, or present new work to your child you can open it and look how you can present this lesson.

Oh, one more thing!

During July 19-26 you can get the previous amazing ebook from this series also with discounted price.
You can buy Montessori Inspiration at home - Practical Life for $8.50 only! 

And, you can grab a pack of 2 of these ebooks for $20 HERE!

Have a wonderful Montessori at home ;)


  1. If you use the link and buy them both for $20 do you still get all the extra free stuff you are listing above for buying during the launch?

    1. If you buy a pack of 2 books for 20$ you will not receive 4 bonus printables but these 2 books already have an incredible amount of printable cards

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  4. Hello, I'm interested in the $20 bundle, but when I click it goes to a different website, and has a price of $26.50.

    1. I am sorry the deal has already ended :(