Spring Nature Table Inspirations

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I like nature tables because they bring nature to the classroom. Usually nature table is a selection of various natural gifts or nature-related items that are collected in one corner or on one shelf. They add life to the classroom. They connect children to our wonderful natural world. These items welcome children to explore and discover them. Children like to touch, smell and interact with these items. A child can complement the table with his own finds and nature treasures.

During different seasons we can create seasonal nature tables that will include seasonal items and support children in their learning of the seasons and let nature to always be around. It may contain seasonal nature gifts, seasonal works of art and anything that is connected to this season.

Let's look at some spaces and get inspired to create something wonderful in our homes and classrooms. Let's get some ideas of what we can place on this table. Some of the tables have less natural elements and more seasonal items. You can combine several ideas and create something that is suitable for your environment. 

This spring area looks very beautiful and lovely. It will not take a lot of space. You can place it on any shelf or chest with drawers. Spring-themed painting or art piece, fresh flowers, little birds figurines look wonderful.
Spring nature table with birds and flowers
This table also looks pretty simple but lovely. It doesn't have a lot of elements but it definitely has a spring feeling. It has fresh bright flowers, lovely art works in spring colours and a couple of little figurines. 

Spring nature table with flowers
This is a very lovely seasonal setting. It includes different elements in various shades of green. Such table setting can be made even in small spaces. You can add more elements during the span of the season. Such setting can be easily substituted for another season by changing the elements. 

Spring nature table
This is the whole spring shelf. You can also have one if you have enough space. Painting with warm sun and bright colours, flower, book about spring, little birds. Think about what feeling spring gives you and what items will help your child to have these feelings also.

Spring-themed table
Spring flowers and green grass. This table also includes some elements of one of the biggest spring holidays - Easter.
Beautiful table inspired by spring
Look how springy this one looks! Willow twigs, green bulbs, green colours. It shows the the spring is a time of growing.
Spring table with flower bulbs
This one doesn't look specifically like spring one, the summer one can look similar. But it looks very green and full of plants. 
Fresh and green table
Again spring colours and flowers. These are definitely the things you want to include at your table.
Spring table with flowers
I like this piece of cloth that has different shades of green. Lovely book about spring. Small painting with growing bulb. Beautiful blossoming flower.
Nature table in March
I wish you inspiration!

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