Montessori Practical Life in the Garden in Spring

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It is a spring here! And spring means gardening and growing vegetables and flowers. During every season we look and think how we can diverse our practical life with meaningful activities that will suit that season. And gardening for spring is just perfect. Even if you don't have a full garden you still can do it while visiting granny or on your balcony.

It is great to include a child in these activities because
- it is a typical characteristic of the season and this way child will learn more about seasons in general
- it is great for developing the child's independence
- it helps a child to be responsible
- it teaches him to care about plants
- it teaches nature appreciation
- it influences his future eating culture

There are 3 basic ideas to help your gardening to be more Montessori:

1. Prepare the environment

Think about what your child may need to be able to work in the garden by himself.
- give him his own area where he will be growing his own plants. You can make a funny sign together that will tell that it is his small garden.
- prepare for him his own tools. They should be appropriate and child-sized so he can use them comfortably.
- prepare a small place where he will store his own tools
- place a little hook near where hi will hang his garden apron and put his garden gloves
- learn the names of the tools using the objects themselves or cards with the help of 3-period lesson
- add activities about how plants grow to your shelves
- learn about different seeds
- support the gardening idea with the books related to it and wall art
- start a garden journal where he will observe how his plants grow

2. Show him how to do everything

Show the presentations about how to do gardening things as we do with the materials in a Montessori classroom. You can show them one at a time, slowly step by step. You can divide the big process into several small.

Show presentations how to
- put on/off his garden apron
- use every tool he has
- dig garden beds
- how to use a watering can
- how to clean hands after work in the garden and much more

Think about what lessons he may need to be able to work there without your assistance and present them to him.

3. Give your child time

Give him an ability to explore all these things at his own pace. Even if you think that he is doing nothing and just standing there - he does. He observes you and learns from you how to do it. Be his example. Don't expect that the child will do the things as you do it. Our aim is to make the whole process interesting for him. We don't need him to grow a tomato exactly but we want him to enjoy gardening and to love gardening in future. 

I have found several things that will be suitable for your child's work in the garden:

Garden Personalized Tools
This tool kit is little and will be perfect for little hands.
Personalized Children's Gardening Tool Kit
This kit of garden tools also includes a special bag and gloves!

Personalized children's garden tool set
These tools in primary colours look nice!

1. Tulip design watering can
2. White watering can
These watering cans are beautiful and can be the wonderful addition to your child's gardening set.

Does your child already have a special garden appropriate apron? You can use one of these cute ones or maybe you can find a rubber one that will be easier to clean ;)
Flower Garden Apron
Poppy apron
This gorgeous gardening poster can be a great wall decoration that will look perfect in your child's room in spring.

Vintage Educational Print
I hope these things will inspire you! Have a happy gardening!

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  1. This is so cute. It's really great to get young kids to be involved in household work. Sometimes i get my kids to do some cleaning at home too.