Join me at Montessori Homeschool Summit

I knew about the coming of this event for some time already but I couldn't share the info. It was so difficult because I am so excited about it! Finally, I can share with you all the details! Hooray!

Montessori Homeschool Summit is an online conference for parents, homeschoolers, and teachers where experienced Montessorians share their knowledge with you. There are 4 days of workshops, discussions, learning and sharing of knowledge on January 9-12, 2017. It is organized by wonderful Seemi from Trillium Montessori.

I have so many people around me, such as you my friends, parents, teachers, and homeschoolers, who want to know more about Montessori method so badly but have no proper opportunities. You desire to improve and develop. You want to give your child the best but lack knowledge.  You want to attend some courses or training but either there are no such where you live or they are pretty pricey, or you simply have no one to leave your child with while you will spend time there. You just wish to learn something knew. 

This all is about me also. I also always want to know more and to dig dipper. But often Montessori lacks in my city community. They don't propose a lot of workshops and seminars here. I found the best way for myself - attending virtual webinars and conferences. This is very suitable for homeschoolers and parents because you can stay at home with your child, you can watch it at the best time for you and also usually you can rewatch it. And this event is exactly what we need! 

In summer I attended Montessori Summit and it was huge. It was full of workshops and sharing. I have learned so many new things about Montessori! Some were real practical tips that you can use at home or in the classroom right away! And I know many families that used all these advice successfully and implemented them in their homeschooling process. We are still discussing these new ideas that we have learned with them. 

Homeschool summit is specifically for people who want to use more Montessori at home. I already received several messages with excitement about this event. This meeting is for those who homeschool for some time already and also for those who don't know where to start. It is for you if you don't even plan to fully homeschool but just want to implement Montessori ideas at home. I also recommend it for teachers because some seminars cover not only using Montessori at home but general Montessori aspects. I know that there will present those who Montessori homeschool for some time already and I think for teachers it can be very interesting to look at some things from their perspective. I am sure these knowledges will be helpful in your future work with parents.

There are 3 ways you can go. You can choose workshops for primary level, for an elementary level or for specials. You will be able to attend 3 workshops with every path. Plus you will also receive the ability to watch 4 additional seminars that cover general aspects of Montessori. Isn't it cool?! Of course, you can have a full pass and watch them all. You need to carefully look at the conference scheduling and choose what is interesting for you. I will not lie for me all the workshops are super interesting. I am so glad that they cover so many different areas! I should say that I know some of the presenters and they are really the people I trust. I know that they are so experience and I constantly learn from them.

There will be a lot about general principles of Montessori education and how they are used at home. Precious are practical knowledges that you will receive as how to use specific materials at home or how to compose unit studies that will be interesting for your child. There will be about math and about cosmic education. Some presenters will tell about raising your child in a multi-lingual environment and about applying Montessori for special needs. I am sure that so many questions will be answered there. Oh, speaking about questions, last time there were a number of FB lives with presenters where they were answering your questions and I am sure this time it will be also.

You can read more and join us HERE

But this is not even all that you can expect. So what are some perks of attending the Summit?

* you watch seminars with experienced presenters that work with Montessori method for many years already
* you  receive precious knowldeges about Montessori education in general and for a home in particular
* you meet new people, communicate and find new friends
* you are able to watch it whenever you like (yei! timezones doesn't matter). You can rewatch it for as many times as you want
* you visit Virtual Exhibit Hall where you will find many Montessori goodies from little and passionate Montessori creators. They suggest lots of discounts and surprises for summit visitors! I know what I am talking about, there will be really a lot of them!
* you receive a pack of freebies from exhibitors that costs more than $200! Yay! Such as
  • 40+ pages of pink series reading card materials
  • 70+ pages about ecology and healthy living materials
  • Nomenclature bundles for the Wasp, the Butterfly, and the Eagle
  • Counting cards to go with the Montessori Bead Stair
  • ... and many more
* you get free access to bonus workshops
  • Montessori 101
  • Sibling Rivalry to Sibling Revelry
* you will receive $75 credit at Trillium Montessori Store. You can choose any printables from the store on this amount of dollars.
* you are able to join lots of giveaways where you have a chance to win digital products, online consulting, finished cards and other cool and geek Montessori things
*So in general you receive several times more than you pay! WOW!

So look at the schedule of the event (you can read about every session in details and event watch some previews!)

Monday, January 9
- "The Inner Preparation of the Adult" with Souzzann Zink
- "Montessori Reading Material in the Homeschool Environment" with Cherine Muirhead
- "Practical Life: "It's Elementary My Dear!" with Tammy Oesting
- "The ABSc of Montessori and Special needs" with Renae Eddy

Tuesday, January 10
- "Ten Common Pitfalls of Montessori Homeschooling" with Bess Wuertz
- "Add Interest to Your Homeschool for Multiple Adges: How to Use Montessori Inspired Unit Studies" with Deb Chitwood
- "Homeschooling and Montessori's Cosmic Education" with Anne-Laure Schneider
- "Raising Children in a Multi-Lingual Home" with Yuliya Fruman

Wednesday, January 11
- "Freedom Within Limits in a Montessori Home Environment" with Anastasia Rehbein
- "The Magic of Montessori Math: How to Use the Golden Beads" with Lara Jacobs
- "How to Start and Run an Elementary Aged Homeschool Group" with Leanna Ampola
- "Leaning in to Homeschooling a Differently Wired Child: Tips and Inspiration for Making it Work" with Debbie Reber

Thursday, January 12
- "Special Tips for Your Homeschool Journey" with Patrick Farenga
- "The Geometric Cabinet: Lessons and Extensions" with Maria Burke


So now you see what I was talking about! So many different topics covered!

You can sometimes think that Montessori is not for you because it is difficult or materials are too expensive but when you will learn more you will understand that it is not like this. Montessori method can and should be successfully used at home. And this summit will definitely help you in so many different ways. Even if you don't plan to homeschool full-time I think some presentations will be useful and interesting for you. 

Do you sometimes feel like the only person using Montessori in your area? You relatives don't understand it and other parents give you strange looks. This is a wonderful time to find people that will support you. It is all about community! It is much like a real-life conference where you meet new people, drink tea with them, exchange contacts with them and you become friends! This is all true about this event. Last time we had so many discussions and giggles. I am sure you will find there people that will support you in your Montessori journey because they also search you!

The last thing I want to say that the energy and inspiration charge you will receive after attending is priceless! So will you go with me to the Montessori Comi-con, as I call it ;)?


  1. Looks interesting! My son attends Montessori and I have so much respect for the model. Thanks for linking up with me over at Spark Creativity!