~ Gifts for Montessori Passionate Teachers and Parents ~

You often ask me what are some gifts that will make happy Montessori teachers and parents. I wrote a post about it last year but I wanted to suggest something new this year. Montessorians are a bit geeky about Montessori things so I am sure they will LOVE these gifts. Also, I have bought some of these things for my friends and they were on a cloud nine! I have found you a list of things from etsy because I often shop there and I like to support these small creative sellers. 

  1. Montessori-inspired jewelry. I know the owner of this store. And I know so many people who have jewelry from this store! All of them are happy owners of precious things. The items are very high quality. Every person who is obsessed with Montessori system will love such gift because it is very cool to have something symbolic made into a jewelry piece! Such things will make you smile everyday!
  2. Your very own edition of "Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook". For me having this book is like having a book of spells for Hermione. Yes, now you can find this book online but having it in your own library is completely another feeling.
  3. Gift Certificate from TheLaminatrix store where you can purchase Montessori cards with safari toob items). I think by gifting a person such cool certificate you give her awesome opportunity to choose things she wants by herself. And there are definitely a lot of things in this store that many of us want!
  4. Vintage 1000 Lire Italian Banknote that depicts Maria Montessori. It is a pretty symbolic thing that will make happy any Montessorian. By gifting such item you will indicate that you know how this system is important for the person. 
  5. Maria Montessori Doll Miniature. I think for Montessorians this thing will mean the same as for comics geek new miniature of superhero from DC movie. It is an inspirational gift that will be liked without a doubt.
  6. A Mug with Watercolor Montessori Quote. I know it is a small thing but who doesn't like mugs and especially mugs with your favourite quote? We all love them.
  7. Montessori Homeschool Printable Planner. I think such gift will be very useful for Montessori parents (shhhhh especially if you will gift it printed and homeschooler will save the ink)
  8. Montessori Quote Tote. These bags are cool because they are reusable and eco-friendly. Having a Montessori quote on it will make a person smile everyday.
  9. Denim Apron. I know a lot of teachers like to wear aprons while in class and this one is very appropriate for Montessori environment to my mind.
  10. FREE A printed copy of Dr. Montessori Litany. This thing is the last but not the least for sure. I created this file with inspirational words of Maria Montessori that you can download and print. You can put it in a frame and gift to a person to put on the wall near her workplace, at home on in the classroom. This gift will cost you nothing but the meaning it transfers is precious.

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