Top 3 wishlisted materials from my store that you should have

I know for many people this is the favorite time of the year. This period is full of sales, discounts, cool items and gifts! And Teachers Pay Teachers is one of the places where we all spend a lot of time during the holidays because of the yearly Cyber Sale! It is a wonderful time when we can buy materials we want with a huge discount! Who wouldn't like it?

So this year our favorite and long-awaited Cyber Sale is happening on November 28-29th. So you have two days to buy cool stuff for the amazing price. You can buy any material or even bundle from my store with 28% discount using a promo code "Cyber2016"

I suggest you choose the items you want today and add them to your wishlists so tomorrow there will be no rush.

Also, there is a little trick that you can use. You can buy a half from your wishlist and then leave your honest feedback about every purchase. You will receive TPT credits that you can use to purchase the other half of your items! This way the discount will be even bigger!

So today Amanda from Daisy Designs (the organizer of this wonderful linky party) and other amazing creators decided to help you with finding awesome deals by sharing with you TOP 3 materials from our stores' wishlists. It is really helpful because things that a lot of people marked are definitely worth checking out. 

So let's bring a little bit of intrigue to the list and start from material number 3. These are "Montessori Famous Paintings Matching Cards".

These cards are really useful cards for your classroom. This is basically a big collection of paintings of famous artists. Every card has a portrait of the artist, his name, and name of the painting on the back side. There are tons of different ways to use them. This material will save you tons of time. The set is really needed in every environment. 

How you can use them:
- you can divide this material into several sets
- use the cards for matching to promote art appreciation
- use them to study different art genres, techniques, styles, and art movements
- use them for language development - describe pictures, play "I spy", create stories, match paintings and their names
- use them to study different topics

The material №2 is Circle of the Year Montessori Cards. This item is not only one of the most wishlisted but it is also a top seller! I am really proud of this creation. I got so many kind feedbacks about these cards. We even translated them into several languages because of the high demand of using them in so many different places around the world. 

This material is wonderful for learning about seasons and months. It is very visual and appealing to children. I definitely recommend to have it in every environment because it works wonderfully!

Soooo, drumroll.... and the item №1 from my store wishlist is "Montessori Five Kingdoms of Life Classification Cards"!

I use this material in my classroom for several years already and it is great! It shows children very visually representatives of every kingdom. Children are eager to use the cards themselves for sorting after several presentations. I always like this activity a lot because it is the first introduction to five kingdoms. Children already know a lot about plants and animals, they know something about fungi kingdom, but they are always so surprised and intrigued by bacteria and viruses. Introducing the cards is a lot of fun!

I hope these 3 items were interesting for you and you will check them out. They are trusted by many customers. I am glad I have this opportunity to know what items are most wanted in different stores. This means the materials are definitely have something amazing inside! Check out lists of other stores HERE. Also, come and look what items are popular in the Elementary Observations store. It has so many quality Montessori cards!

Ok, now I am going to fill my own TPT basket with awesome stuff! The perk of Cyber Sale is there are no queues! :)

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