Handmade Holiday Gifts for Montessori Grown Ups

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I am very thrilled to take part in the awesome 15 Days of Montessori for the Holidays Series organized by Montessori Bloggers Network. During 15 days dedicated Montessori souls share with you interesting and fun Montessori related holiday ideas. We have already read about different fun activities for the holidays, ladies shared with us their guide for creating materials, favorite recipes, holiday rituals and secrets to staying sane during the season. If you haven't yet seen their post come faster because it is a total inspiration and charge of positivity.

We, of course, think more about Children during holiday preparation. We read some ideas to get inspired, we plan some activities, we prepare presents. But what about adults? We like to receive gifts too! And we like to gift also! This year I am preparing some small but cute and symbolic gifts for my dear Montessori friends. 

I don't know about you, but I am in love with everything that has a Montessori theme or sign. Naaaaah I lie, I  know for sure you also like this kind of things. I get really excited about T-shirts with Montessori prints. Recently I shared on my FB page some awesome cups that has cute pictures of Montessori materials on them. I have seen some Montessori jewelry, like earrings, pendants, beads and they are super cool! Write me in comments if you are also more than like all these things and share with me what special Montessori things do you have.

You know having such things show that you are the member of the tribe of these wonderful educators. And if I see another person with such things it is simply OMG! It is like you have met the family member! I personally feel better having such things, wearing them, I feel inspired, I have a good mood, I feel more dedicated and passionate.

So I was thinking about the gifts for my friends and one idea came to my mind. I love cross-stitch from the childhood, but last years I completely forgot about it. So now I thought that was a perfect time to renew the hobby. And what can be more pleasing than to stitch some Montessori things?

So I have found the most awesome site. It is a complete dream of my school years. You can download there any picture and it would turn it into a cross-stitch scheme. Isn't it awesome?? So last weeks coming back from work I was busy with it. I still need to put them in the frame, but I want to show it to you.

Of course, I made the Pink Tower firstly. For me, it is one of the most recognizable and well-known materials.

Then I was looking at Montessori materials and thought that geometric solids will look great as a cross-stitch work.

The last choice was spontaneous I haven't planned to make it at all, but at the last moment I had some desire to make a flower puzzle cross-stitch (I even made the knobs;)).

I have also made several themed cards some from a colored paper other I just drew with markers.

 These cards would have "Wish you trinomial holidays!" writing on it.

I made these cards that show some knobless cylinders extension. I have chosen this because it reminds me a heart and also has some abstract look.

And I also made another card with the extension using red rods and knobless cylinders. It has a holiday spirit and it is used in "15 Days to Montessori for the Holidays" promo picture.

Can you suggest me some more materials to make into cards or cross-stitch?

I have also found for you several items to enjoy. Basically, it is my wish list for every holiday. These items can inspire you for making some Montessori-themed cool things.

Who would not like such gorgeous earrings?

This necklace is made with a genuine 200 Lire coin from Italy featuring Maria Montessori on the front. This is a brilliant, uncirculated coin that was never used. It is not only beaded  chain with the coin it also has historical meaning!

These binomial cube earrings are very cute! I think they can be DIY very easily.

The necklace that has some important words written with sandpaper letters.

I ones reposted a picture with "I heart Montessori" bumper sticker and it was really popular. We had a discussion about where we can get it and there were a lot of people who would be happy to have such a sticker.

I am not yet the owner, but I will be one day of Montessori T-shirt. This one is my all time favourite!

Interesting who would win Montessori teachers or some Marvel heroes? 

I am not sure if anyone can still order such a thing, but it is pretty funny, he he he "evil laughter".

I love this mug with Montessori materials on it.

This one has a very beautiful portrait of Maria and her most famous quote. I can not yet decide what mug I like more between these two!

Also, these key chains are awesome!

Have you made anything like these? Share with me some of your creations, I am really excited to see them.

Have a good presents preparation time!

In the end, Am I a Montessori nerd??

Don't forget to check out the post from Deb of Living Montessori now tomorrow, she will share with you some Montessori Christmas tree decorating ideas, and as you know she always shares with us most original and interesting ideas! On Friday Nicole from The Kavanaugh report will teach you how to make Christmas sensory matching activities for toddlers.

                                               Photo Credit to the blog Montessori Messy


  1. This is a great list of gifts! I know several amazing Montessori moms that will love these. Thank you for joining us for the 15 Days of Montessori for the Holidays blog hop!

    1. The blog hop is great fun! thanks for organising to you and Vanessa!

  2. This is so cool!! Awesome for true Montessori fans!

    1. Ye! When I was founding some things in the internet I was like "whaaaaat??". This is crazy!

  3. I love these ideas Katherine! There are so many great gifts on here!

  4. I would never have thought of such an interesting topic! Yes, I love everyone of them, especially your fabulous needlepoint. And, such great reminders of the wonderful grown-up Montessori folks out there during this big gift giving season. Thanks, Katherine!

    1. When I read your posts I always wonder too about how diverse are your topic! Hope you feel inspired!

  5. Wow! You have so many ideas for adult Montessori enthusiasts! Great job! :)

  6. These are AWESOME! And I want several of them :) Thank you for the great post!

    1. I think most of these things can be handmaded really easily! So when you will have time you can make something;)

  7. Those are some really interesting holiday gifts for Montessori grown ups. Loved the 'Cross- stich' idea in particular :-) and the ear rings too! thanks for sharing these lovely ideas