Art Appreciation: Level 4. Forming paintings from pieces activity

     We are now at level 4 of Montessori Art Appreciation Series. We have already matched painting of same sizes and of different sizes. So to add an additional point of interest and a bit of a challenge we will now try to form paintings from pieces.

This material consists of 12 paintings cards and 12 label cards that feature the name of the artist and painting. The material is really easy to use and present.

Preparing material for work:

1. Print all the cards
2. Cut all of them
3. Laminate
4. Use it ;)

How to use the material:

1. Tell the Child that we all can create beautiful things and today you are going to look at beautiful paintings.
2. Take pieces of paintings and put them in a row.
3. Take one piece and try to find the matching one.
4. Place pieces in the right order to form a painting.

5. Tell "Look, we found all the pieces and formed beautiful paintings"

With younger Children use just one painting. Start with painting from 2 pieces, then use painting with 3 pieces.

Discuss pieces of paintings before matching them. Let the Child guess what these pieces can form.

You can download this material for FREE HERE.


  1. my darling will love these!!! great ideas!

  2. More amazing materials! These are great, thank you for sharing :)

  3. The free link does not work - when I use the "copy link" to see what the problem is, the url reads as:

    so I think it was entered incorrectly.