Art Appreciation: Level 3. Matching Big and Small Paintings

     So we have already matched some paintings. And we are now very good at it! So we need to make this a bit more difficult now. So next level is matching paintings of different sizes. I use this sequence because of the isolation of difficulty Montessori peculiarity (we discussed it more in the previous post). So on Level 2 we matched paintings that we of the same size, same color, all characteristics were the same. Now the picture is the same but we change sizes. It adds another point of interest for the Child.

    Material consists of 

- 12 big paintings cards
- 12 small paintings cards

A couple of cards are taken from the previous material, this way the Child will feel himself more confident, he will remember them better, plus he will be very intrigued to see some paintings that he already know and I am sure he will point at it.

Preparing material for work:

It can't be easier! Just 

1. Print all the cards
2. Cut all of them
3. Laminate

That's it!

How to use the material:

1. Tell the Child that we all can create beautiful things and today you are going to look at wonderful paintings.
2. Put big paintings one by one in vertical or horizontal line.

3. Take tiny paintings and match them to big ones placing them on the right of the big paintings or under them.

4. Tell "Look, we found pairs for big and small paintings".

You can then choose one of the paintings and discuss it in details.

You can download this material for FREE HERE.

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  1. These are really beautiful! I downloaded them and pinned them to my Montessori printables board. :)

  2. very fun and beautiful! ISABELLA loved.

  3. very fun and beautiful! ISABELLA loved.