Expanding the Child's horizons part 5: Raising open-minded Child

Hello, dear reader. Great to interact with you again. As you remember in the Expanding the Child's Horizons series we try together to get the precious knowledge about raising the kids in the way so they have independent thinking, be self-confident, brave, inquisitive, inspired, ready to challenge and have no fear to meet the world around.

When a Child comes to the world all is completely new for him. He perceives everything that is around  through two things - through his own experience and through his parents. Child can touch the bitty bug and understand that he'd better don't touch it and only look at it or he can understand it by listening to parent's advice that this bug is better not to be touched. But here lays another thing. How do you make careful advice and show your opinion in the way that it doesn't make the Child's view on the world smaller?

As we were already discussing in Part 1 of this series, an infant looks at the world through the huge frame. He is positive about everything around because he wants to experience it.

Child's view on the world

Then when he grows up everything around affects him and new frames are formed. There are thousands of these influencing factors - your family, friends, social media, teachers, books, movies, Internet, people, cultures, society in general. One frame superimposes on another and it changes the way we look at the world in the end. Can you imagine how small is the hole through what we are looking at the world now?

Adult's view on the world

We all want our Children to be happy, so we need to give them the opportunity to see the world with opened eyes and to try to remain this frame as big as possible. Our aim is even to try to broad it! This may sound strange but to my mind this idea is great and I try to fulfill it.

So it is really important for parents and adults to be sure that you do not transfer your opinions, prejudices and fears to your Child and that you protect him from things that may affect him in a big way.

We transmit our position about a specific thing to a Child not only by words or actions. Our face,  mimics or gestures also show our treatment. Books, magazines, TV and Internet often spread the message that also influence the future thinking of our Children. So the important thing behind it all these settings of parents, adults and society influence the Child's own judgment and attitude. 

Why do Children believe in fairies and wonders? Because they are sure that everything is possible. Year by year while they grow up the limits are formed in their mind. "You cannot fly to the moon" - but imagine maybe if we would say that you just need to learn some things, to study, and if you want it enough you can invent something great, maybe that is how the world will meet the next huge astronauts or inventor! 

In the earliest age Children built the way of thinking that they will have for the rest of life, they built the base. Prejudices are generally formed when Children are in preschool age or primary school age. So it is a thing that is worth our attention.

Instead we need to help our wonderful kid to try himself, to challenge himself, to show support, to make it clear for him that he has enormous abilities and powers and that he is able to do huge breakthrough, to help him to experience the world by himself and to form his own independent point of view. 

Tips for raising open-minded Child:

- always ask his opinion about things that around him

- let him make his own choices

- give him information that will inspire him to explore the things around deeper

- propose him things that will inspire him to be more inquisitive in future

- make it clear that if he wants something enough he can reach it

- try to protect him from the information that is spread on TV and in the Internet

- support all his new starts

- show him that he has enormous abilities to do big things

To support my ideas I want to share with you today my new FREE material that I like very much:

In this material, we try to show the Child how beautiful is the world around him. We encourage him to explore it and to travel. We give incentive to his young mind to be free and brave to see all these places in reality when he gets older. And this is not some far away places that we can not ever visit, these are places for the Child to explore later. Our aim is appreciation of nature beauty, motivation, and inspiration.

The material consists of 28 pictures of breathtaking places around the world, the majority of which are nature-made. Every card has a continent mark in the corner. Colors of the continents correspond to the Montessori continents puzzle map colors.

Every picture should have a label on the back containing the name of the depicted place.

How to use the material:

1. Tell the Child that our planet Earth is extremely beautiful. There are a lot of places on it that he yet haven’t seen, but he can easily explore it one day. And today you are going to look, learn about and discuss these places.
2. Show the Child the Montessori Continents Map and tell that beauty is all around.
3. Take one continent and put it at the top.
4. Show different pictures of beautiful places.
5. Then show the mark of the continent at every picture and make clear that it shows the same continent. It will then serve as a control of error.
6. Study every continent one by one.
7. Later show the Child all the continents and all the pictures or classify them. When everything is ready tell the Child “See how beautiful our planet is. It is opened for you to explore it”

NOTE! You can just look at the cards without continents map! The main idea it to appreciate beauty, continents are addition!

With toddlers, you can only show pictures, with older  kids you can discuss their positions on the continents.

I hope you found this read interesting. I am curious to hear your thoughts on the topic discussed.

You can download the material for FREE - HERE

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  1. These cards are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing :) These will be a great addition to our continent boxes.

  2. I'm loving this series, and this new preinables are gorgeous, those pictures are stunning and I'm sure kid will be really engaged with them.

    1. Thank you. And the big positive moment here that they will save this pictures in their minds and maybe it will inspire them to travell when they are adults

  3. Your cards are so beautiful! I always enjoy seeing your materials and can count on your blog for inspiration :)

    This post really resonates with the me - my husband and I definitely try to adopt a lot of these ideas in our parenting with our son. We've been encouraging him to make his own choices and try doing things on his own for as long as I can remember. He's not even 3 yet, but I can really see how much that has impacted him :) Again, lovely post!!

    1. Your parenting choices alsways inspire me Yuliya! This is so awesome that in such young age your boy has such a big level of independence!

  4. This is another fabulous and informative blog and the beautiful places cards are just exquisite! The beginning section of this post about raising open minded children is simple and "user friendly" and so impressive with its authentic respect for the child.

    1. I see how we can change some negative things in the world by raising independent Chidren with their own views. Thank you for you opinion