So they created school in a way the Devil said them...

"So they created the school in a way the Devil said them...
Child enjoys nature, that is why he is closed in a room.
Child likes to know that his work is important, that is why they made everything that now his activity brings no sense and is not useful.
He wants to move - he is forced to sit still.
He likes to work with his hands, but they teach him theories and abstract ideas.
He likes to talk - he is to stay silent.
He wishes to understand - they tell him to learn by heart.
He wants to seek knowledge by himself, but they give it to him all ready.
And then in this conditions, children have learnt things that they would never learnt in other situation. They have learnt to lie and pretend.
And here is what happened. As the Devil wanted, a lot of children , became passive and they lost all the interest for life. Their happiness and health were taken off. Love and kindness disappeared. Their thoughts became gray and dull, their souls became stale, their hearts embittered. And that school perished, as the Devil desired... "
(Translation of the Russian version of the Ferriere's text)
Written by Adolf Ferriere, Swiss educator, one of the founders of progressive education movement.

This was written a long ago but still sound so true about nowadays. I hope you are here with me in this journey and together we can change the look of education and Montessori system is our building blocks in a construction of the new school.


  1. So they created school in a way the Devil said them...

    So they created school in a way the Devil (told them... or instructed them)
    Great quote. Thank You.

  2. They created school as the devil ordered them.
    Children love nature therefore they closed in within four walls.
    They love to move so they tell them to sit still.
    They love to create but they teach them theories and ideas.
    They love to talk but they are told to be quiet.
    They strive to understand but they forced to memorize.
    They want to seek knowledge on their own
    but they are forced fed reedy material.
    So kids learn things that they would have never learned
    Under any other circumferences.
    They are taught to lie and be pretentious.