Mother's Day Printables Collection

Mother's Day is not far away and I decided to gather some printables for your learning environments to support it.

 I made this material together with Children around the world Cards, but I decided to present it only today. It was very hard to choose pictures for this material because all moms and kids were so wonderful and beautiful. In this material, we are broadening the Child's view on the bond between Mothers and Children around the world.

So the material contains 24 amazing pictures of mothers and kids. Every card has a continent mark in the corner. Colors of the continents correspond to the Montessori continents puzzle map colors.

How to use the material:

1. Tell the Child that there are a lot of people on the Earth and everyone is unique, but all of them are wonderful. And everyone in the world has a mother. Mother is a very special person.
2. Show the Child the Montessori Continents Map and tell that people living on these continents are all different, but no matter where a person lives he has the special connection with his mother. It is love.
3. Take one continent and put it at the top.
4. Show different pictures of mothers and Children living there.
5. Then show the mark of the continent at every picture and make clear that it shows the same continent. It will then serve as control of error.
6. Study pictures with mothers and Children of the continents one by one.
7. Later show the Child all the continents and all the pictures or classify them. When everything is ready tell the Child “See how beautiful our planet is. See how wonderful and beautiful the people are. Do you see the love between this person?”

It is completely no problem if you don't have a puzzle map. You can just show the pictures or you can invent your own way to use it. Discuss the photos with kids.

Btw notice that so many mothers hold their Children on their hands and it is pretty difficult to find photos with Children standing near. This reminds me of some disputes that mother should not often take a young Child to her hands or he will be then obsessed with it. That is to my mind a false opinion and so many mothers around the world proves it.

You can download the material for FREE - HERE

Another material that you may be interesting to use during the holiday is my Mother and Child in Art Montessori 3-part Cards. These cards consist of beautiful and amazing artworks of different painters depicting mother and child. 

Montessori Nature has awesome Mother's Day Printables. They look very beautiful and your Child can learn a lot from them!

Every Star is Different has great Mothers & Their Babies Cards that you can download for free. This material will fit your Mother's day trays.

I like very much Book Printable Activity. Matching Mother and Baby Animals by Totschooling. The material contains great real pictures of animals and it is easy to use.

1plus1plus1equals1's shop contains cool free Baby&Mommy Printables.

Trillium Montessori has cute Mother's Day Book Printables. It is a template for your kid's craft gift project. Children really enjoy making such things for their moms!

NAMC Montessori Training Teacher Center doesn't propose any printables, but they have awesome suggestions about activities to celebrate the holiday like learning the word ''mother" in different languages or creating an acrostic poem.

I hope you will have a great time celebrating and learning;)


  1. How amazing is your new printable with Mother and Child over the world!!!!

  2. These are great! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Wonderful! I already said it, but those mother and child printables are just so lovely :) I like the idea of adding some baby-parent animal matching activities as part of a mother's day theme! My kiddo loves all sorts of animals so that's been a major theme this year for us :)


    1. I am happy that you liked it! Hope your little one will enjoy cards;)

  4. I think these might be the coolest cards I've ever found!! As a babywearer myself, I'm so excited to find cards that show babywearing mothers! My daughter will love this! Thank you so much :)

    1. I am also in love with how these mothers look. Great that you like it too!;)

  5. So impressive printables with Mother and Child!! Loved these creations! Also these activities of baby-parent animal matching are fantastic. Well, I am just looking to rent a space for an event in Chicago. This will be an event in honor to my mom. So please suggest some venues!!

    1. Thanx for your kind words! This is wonderful you want to make a surprise for your Mom. I am sorry I don't even live in America to suggest some places