Expanding the Child's horizons: Types of Handcrafts Cards

This is the first post in the series "Expanding the Child's horizons" in which I will present materials that help children to look at the world with eyes bright opened.

Every person in the world looks at the reality through the frame. And everyone has its own. The newborn child has no expectations.When the child is born he has no frames. Why does he make them? He doesn't. They are made by our surroundings. Parents, environment, friends, TV and many others form this frame. And everyone of them makes it smaller and smaller. And in the end, when we grow up we look at the world through the tiny window.  This way we often transfer our prejudices to our children. And I want our children to look at the wonderful world with no borders. I want children to develop culturally.  I want them to be closer to nature. I want children to have no fear to start, try and challenge. I see our children that are not copying but creating their own. Children need to see that some people live better than we do, some live worse and other have completely different lives. I want them to create unique art. I want them to be friends with people of different nations. They should dream big and aim high. These activities are for the spirit and soul development.  They are for harmonious development. (Maybe I am expecting too much from this materials but this is exactly what I was thinking about while creating them)

What does the series "Expanding the Child's horizons" for:
  •  children will learn different traditions
  •  they learn to respect others
  • materials inspire children to be creative and try different art techniques
  •  kids will learn another cultures
  •  they learn not to judge
  • children will want to explore the world
  • they will learn to help
  • it will help children to be determined
  • Children will see that people can live in different environment

Today's material will help your child to explore different types of handcraft!

How can the material be used:

- It can be used during history study to show that long time ago a lot of things were made by hand. In our age, it is great to show to kids that even when the world was not that technically developed people were making such beautiful things by themselves. And they can make them too!
- it can be used during Europe study because people are still using many of the shown crafts there
- use it to explore arts
- it can be presented to kids to increase their interest in handmade things

The material consists of a collection of handcraft picture cards. Some of them show the ready handraft masterpiece, like this one

others show the process of making them

Each type of a craft has a name card

and a definition card

The material is color coded to make a control of error.  Instruction for using the cards is included.

It is perfect to show this material together with real objects that represent each craft. Children love to look at the picture and then touch the real thing. Also, you can put in the basket picture, word and definition cards of one craft + one real object and put it on the shelf for children to explore it by their own.

You can download the material HERE.


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