My comeback and making a montessori history moment

Hello, all the wonderful people!

          I think I am finally ready to come back to work in writing in the blog and making new materials. I stopped blogging not long from the start of my path. Probably and even definitely that was not the right time to start the blog, not because I was not ready but due to the situation in my country. A lot of things happened since my last post. I lived more than a month without electricity, TV, internet and everything, I know what the war is and I don't want to write about it and make you sad. I had to move to Russia. Now I am living here for several month and I like that country. I met so many kind and great people. I am thankful to every one of them who helped me. I had to change the job. Now I work in the area connected with selling building materials. I find a new job quite interesting though I miss working with kids. But I have not forgotten about Montessori. I still plan to come back to my previous job when I will have an opportunity. I am still connecting to a lot of Montessori minds and that is a pleasure for me to speak with them. I will not stop my Montessori development because that is the part of my life. 
          To start again, I want to share with all of you some happiness. Recently I received the order that I was waiting for a long time - books!

          This is a Russian brand new exclusive edition of Maria Montessori books,  Two-volume edition "Scientific Pedagogy" is a Russian reprint of two fundamental works of Maria Montessori dedicated to the ideas of the free children self-education in the specially prepared space.

The first volume is a reprint of the Russian edition of "The Montessori Method: Scientific Pedagogy as Applied to Child Education in the Children's Houses" published in 1913.
The second is a russian edition of the Maria's "The Advanced Montessori Method" published in France in 1916.

This book is a great work of a wonderful publishing house "Narodnaya Kniga". They specialize on Montessori books and some of their workers make great Montessori Magazine, This is a unique open publishing house. The workers of the house prepare the book for publishing. They calculate the value of the cost of the publication. Then they show this information on their website and begin to collect the necessary funds. When you pay the money for the book you also automatically become the publisher of this book. Once the required amount is collected fundraising stops and they start to print the book. You can see your name in the list of publishers in the book. And my name is there too;) It is so exciting, you feel like your are now the part of the Montessori history!

The book also contains wonderful illustrations from the archives. It is extremely interesting for me because I am a fan of old black and white Montessori photos/ I am really excited to read it!

The publishers make a great work and I am very thankful to them for such a wonderful gift to all Montessorians!


  1. So glad to have you back, and to know you are safe and well.

    What a beautiful edition of the book, thank you for sharing :)