I am honored to accept the LIEBSTER Award!

That is a great surprise for me! Thank you, Lolly, from Elementary Observations for the nomination!
I, of course, accept the award!

When I recieved a message about the nomination I first thought that it is probably kind of a joke or spam, It can't be for real I thought. But then wow! It is true! 
This award then was kind of a big catalyst for me to get back to work! I am so thankful to Lolly! I was doubting should I continue blogging or not. I was thinking do people really need it or not. And that award made me think that at least one person reads me and remembered about me during nomination! 
I'm in high spirits!
The award is given to promote new blogs in a 'pay it forward' way! What a nice thing!
As all official awards it has some rules:

So according to the rules Lolly asked me these 11 interesing questions:

1. What made you decide to blog?

I wanted to create a blog for a long time but could not find the theme that I am passionate about enough to write about it. When I discovered Montessori it took all my time. I was with Montessori during the work ofcourse, I was reading about it constantly, I was even thinking about it in bed lol. And then it came to my mind - that this is it! I can share my ideas with people.That is was I needed! Also Montessori is not really developed in my city and blog helps me to connect to a lot of great minds. In addition I love making montessori printables and that is the great way to share them with people. 

2. Who has been your biggest role model in life?

I have not just one. The first are my parents. I thank to them for the person I am now. They were not just telling me how to act but they were showing me everything on their own example. Though my mother knew nothing about Montessori when I was a kid she was raising me according to a lot of montessori principles. My parents are wonderful. Second is my Montessori trainer. She is also psychologist, the head of the studio for family development, speaker of seminars of woman development. She is the person who is not just speaking about Montessori, she is living it. She is very inspiring. 

3. What are you currently reading?

I have just finished reading "Dune" by Frank Herbert. I liked it very mush. I am reading two books of Maria Montessori now (I wrote about them in the previous post). The next fiction books in my "to read" list are probably "Into thin air" by Jon krakauer or "We are the living" by Ayn Rand. 

4. Name three things you couldn't live without (Not people)

I will not write some general and abstract things like communication or food and obvious like books. I can definetely say I can live without internet and cell phone, and even electricity. The simple things I can't live without are mayonnaise sauce (omg it is embarassing to write it lol), soap and shower gel that smell good (I like smells of these products) and sugar (I have a sweet tooth)  

5. Share with us your two favourite blogs by others and why?

The first is Living Montessori Now. It has tons of ideas. It is soooo inspirational. It is very easy to use it. I like how lessons are grouped by different themes.
The second is Montessori Nature. I like the spirit of the blog and how it grows with time. It has great ideas and we see how they are presented to a child. I extremelly support the natural direction of learning shown there. And ok ok Anastasia is my BIG friend and ofcourse I like the work of russian montessori mama!

6. What is your favourite past-time?

I like cooking and baking. I am watching a lot of cooking videos and collecting cookbooks.  

7. What are your favourite blogging tools?

I don't really use a blogging tools. The only things I can count are the blogger itself, social media sites for promotion, Canva site for making graphics.

8. What was your favourite blog post (by someone else) from 2014?

9. What are your blogging goals for 2015?

My goals are to make my posts more regular and to make a schedule for the work on blog, to finish all the drafts, to bring to life and present to readrers all the materials I have in mind.

10. If you could meet anyone in the world (time, space and location not being a factor) who would you choose?

Maria Montessori and Ayn Rand from the people of the past, because it will be a very interesting talk with two wonderful women philosophers. From our time it is Jared Leto. I like his views on life, healthy living and the ways he inspires his audience to live interesting life and to make their dreams reality.

11. If your life was written into a book, what would the title be?

"The path of the believer" 

11 Random Facts About Me:

1. I have 3 cats
2. I wanted to be a naturalist, archaeologist, nun and a traveller in the childhood
3. I sometimes pick up stones, shells, sticks. I like their texture. I often touch things in a supermarket
4. I wear mostly jeans or very long skirts
5. When you first meet me you will think I am very silent, but you will see that it is not like that when you know me better
6. I'm very clumsy
7. My favourite genre of music is alternative rock
8. I like all cute things and probably that is why about 5 years ago I was a big fan of Japanese culture and anime
9. I once fell into a manhole when I was a kid. I was coming back home from school looking at the roofs and counting icicles. I'd better watch my steps. The manhole was without a cover (yes that happens here). I was lucky it was full  of garbage (and that happens too), so the height was not very big and my friend helped me to get out.
10. My constant weight is 48 kg. And while all the world is dieting I dream to gain some kilos.
11. Years ago I have completed hairdresser courses, but I have never worked in this profession and I don't make people haircuts. 

There are so many blogs that I like but counting that this award is to promote new bloggers I tried hard to choose people who has less followers but deserve so much more.

So for the Liebster Award I nominate:

My 11 questions to the nominees:

1. How is your blogging routine organised? Do you have a plan or something? 
2. Do you want to open your own Montessori school?
3. What is your opinion on vegetarians?
4. What is the last movie you watched?
5. What was your 2015 New Year resoution?
6. What is your favourite montessori material and why?
7. If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it?
8. Name the country you would like to travel to.
9. Name 3 of your friends in blogging
10. What was your dream profession in the chidhood?
11. Show a couple of you favourite DIY montessori materials.

If you are accepting the award please follow these rules:

P.S.: Hooray! Hooray! I have the award! *jumping*
P.S.; Thanks again Lolly!