Children and Mobile Phones

I was thinking about this combination a lot, looking at the kids and parents, making some notes. So this is how I see it.

- children under age of 6 should not be allowed to use it. Maybe sometimes for a talk with granny that lives far away but not for games!

- when a child under a year sees a mom who is talking on the phone what does he see in reality? He sees a mother talking with emptiness. The child sees not adequate reality. And in this period child forms his vision of the world and makes connections. We currently discussed it on one of the workshops that who know maybe this talking with emptiness can even be connected then with autism. Plus children with special needs feel better when the using of the phone, iPad, the computer is reduced.

- some parents say that children need to learn skill of using mobile also, BUT to my mind they will easily learn it later and now they need more of practical life and more real things (writing it reminded me of one girl, she was 5 years old who was very fond of phone and iPad and couldn't visit the toilet alone, she needed help to do her stuff)

- scientists say that if parents read to an infant he will be a better reader in future. And if patent is constantly using the phone in the baby's childhood and then the child uses it in the period of absorbent mind logically he will be using it more when he grow up. He will not see his life without it.

- I am not a supporter of Montessori apps on mobiles because I think they do not correspond to the Montessori principle of hands-on and other, and that is why they are not Montessori, just apps. Recently I was watching some educational show where they were presenting some application for mobiles that teach kids to write. I don't see the sense in it. They say that we are currently living in the technology world and that's why children need to learn to write in this way, with their fingers. But we are still using pens and pencils. We still write using them in school. So why should children learn to write in that way? I think real pencil and real paper are wonderful materials. Also, I haven't yet seen articles or any information about children who learnt to write using some apps or at least that it helped some children, have you?

Are you agree or disagree? What is your opinion?

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  1. You made some really great points! I completely agree that Montessori apps are not really beneficial for children's development.