Vintage Biology Prints in Montessori Classroom

All my childhood I was fascinated by nature and its beauty. I even wanted to become a naturalist in future. I was always taking with me Russian book "The forest's newspaper" about all creatures living in the forest and had a big collection of "Young naturalist magazine" issues. I liked the pictures from it and probably that's why I like vintage biology prints so much now! I really believe that all our likes and dislike, hobbies and a lot more comes from our childhood. It was formed because of the environment that were around us, because of the people. As Maria said:
"For all that we possess has been constructed by the child we once were"
 I think these biology prints are perfect for Montessori classrooms.

The reasons I think so are:

  • they are realistic
  • they are beautiful
  • they are natural
  • they have good colours
  • they are detailed
  • they are scientific
  • they do not have unnecessary things, that is why they highlight the important element
  • many of them look like hand painted

The ways they can be used:

  • you can use them as classroom visuals and pictures
  • you can hang them according to the unit studies, for example, you can hang cow picture during farm study or birds during bird units


  • to my mind, these prints are art so children also will see and enjoy beautiful art

  • some of them can be used as cards for learning plants, vegetables, fruits, parts of the plants, insects, animals

  • some of them can be used for colours learning (for example I have several identical flower pictures in different colors)

  • they are perfect as matching cards (also during unit studies for example), just print them in two copies and they are ready
  • they are great for infants and toddlers because of their natural and realistic look

I have gathered some of the vintage biology posters and want to share them with you!
There are prints of flowers, fruits, vegetables, insects, fishes and animals.

80 prints!

Can you add some other ways to use them?


  1. Очень красиво и натурально! Ребенок должен видеть вокрут себя красоту! И так как в природе а не нарисованное или мультипликационное!

    1. Согласна с Вами полностью!

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